Sunday, November 11, 2012

Punch and Judy early Christmas gift

Santa Claus, Punch and Judy (1948) Christmas Puppet Show. Puppets teach little children that it's funny to beat others to the ground with a club. If you are wondering why your parents used a paddle on your ass, this is probably a good answer as to where they got the idea. Enjoy!
Punch and Judy is a traditional, popular English puppet show featuring the characters of Punch and his wife Judy. The performance consists of a sequence of short scenes, each depicting an interaction between two characters, most typically the anarchic Punch and one other character. The show is traditionally performed by a single puppeteer, known since Victorian times as a "professor".
The English Punch is associated with the Greek Pan who is associated with Herne, the Hunter in Celtic mythology. We all know who grow up on Herne Hill in London.

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