Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here is a close-up of Sagrada Familia (Gaudi) in Barcelona.  A question posed this evening was to what extent may Gaudi have been influenced by the Gothic Revival movement?  Like Ruskin, ornamentation appears to be very important to Gaudi.  And the photo below offers a view of the gothic inspired spires. The Sagrada Familia is worth taking a look at.  Each side is completely different, telling a particular story from the Bible.  The inside is just as awe inspiring as the outside, so I recommend browsing photos on the internet if you get a chance.  Whether Ruskin would ascribe his seven lamps to Gaudi's work we cannot know, but my first inclination is 'no,' especially in light of Ruskin's disdain for all things modern (Gaudi's work would, indeed, fall into the category of moderniste, or nouveau).  Nonetheless, I confidently assert that Gaudi's work is a masterpiece.  Enjoy the photos, Jonna

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