Monday, September 3, 2012

iconography run wild

Here is a curious perspective, with addenda, on Ruskin:
John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)
His [Ruskin’s] gravestone at Coniston where he is buried characterizes his pagan beliefs. The stone was designed by W.E. Collingwood (1854-1932), a student of his and his secretary. (This was after Charles Augustus Howell left as secretary under a cloud of accusations including blackmail and misappropriation of funds. Howell went on to work with Rossetti who he conceived to dig up the poems he buried with his wife Elizabeth Siddal.Howell died in 1890 under strange circumstances. He was found close to a Chelsea public house with his throat slit, with a ten-shilling coin in his mouth. The presence of the coin was known to be a criticism of those guilty of slander)
The chief symbols cut into his gravestone are these: A Maltese Cross (symbol of the Babylonian sun-god and Order of Knights Templar) inside which is a circle (representing a serpent biting its tail) surrounding a Nazi swastika, a rider riding a horse (actually depicting St. George on his white horse, or King Arthur), a Jewish seven branched candelabrum, a winged lion (from Babylon – symbol of the mother-earth goddess, Ishtar), a student with pen and paper seated while writing before a sunrise, an elaborate arrangement of various Celtic triscele symbols, and three men representing the three principal officers of the Masonic Lodge in which he was a member.
Although not widely recognized, in the opinion of this author, John Ruskin’s “Gnostic/Fascist/Nazi/Communist” Luciferian teachings have had more impact on the last hundred years or so than any other modern author in the world. As a devout Freemason, Ruskin derived many of his occult beliefs directly from Plato. Ruskin was devoted to the creation of a master/slave society based upon the principles of eugenics largely derived from Plato’s Republic (Malthusian Eugenics is the socialist philosophy of depopulation through the planned reduction of inferior races).
Ruskin envisaged a race of “human thoroughbreds” led by a British socialist elite ruling class, whose sole purpose was ultimately to dominate, own and rule the world under a globalist government using the British Commonwealth of Nations structure as their preferred model.
Malthusian ‘Darwinism’ population control techniques, (which include the deliberate neglect of populations or killing off undesirable populations or ‘useless eaters’), were practiced by National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany and International Socialism in Marxist Russia. This philosophy is now once again being followed by the Marxist/Fabian Socialist/Fascist oligarchy that fund and run the United Nations Organization and European Union.

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  1. Holy Smokes! Thanks for posting, Russell. This is the most bizarre set of ideas I've seen in ages -- or at least since The Da Vinci Code. Of course, pretty much every assertion here is demonstrably wrong, starting with calling Ruskin a Mason on.